About us

AuctionEU is a web platform focused on the sale of investment, residential and commercial properties, via online auction.

AuctionEU was launched with the proposition of offering reasonably priced and legally clean properties to real estate buyers looking to buy their first home or purchase investment properties. On AuctionEU prospective buyers are able find a transparent and convenient marketplace to view available opportunities, make their bids and complete their purchases in complete trust.

AuctionEU offers properties managed by Bayview Italia S.r.L., based in Milan. Bayview Italia S.r.L. is a subsidiary of the US Group Bayview, active globally in the acquisition of large property portfolios and property-backed loans, and now entering the space of online property auctions, in addition to servicing and advisory.

For customers, purchasing a property on AuctionEU provides confidence to be buying from a seller with outstanding experience in the management of large property portfolios on behalf of national and international institutional investors.

AuctionEU offers outstanding support to the buyers during the whole transaction phase, providing an experienced team and offering information and advice required to complete the property purchase.

To start learning more about the available properties and to stay informed about upcoming opportunities please register.

The information on each property published on AuctionEU is available to help the interested parties decide whether to take part in the auctions. This information is indicative and not exhaustive and is not binding for AuctionEU in any way. In case the party is interested in taking part in online bidding or in making an offer, AuctionEU will provide those parties with any additional information requested as soon as possible.