Become a cooperating agent

AuctionEU is building a network of experienced agents to support the distribution of its properties across Italy and internationally.

Becoming a cooperating agent of AuctionEU means having the opportunity to market a large portfolio of properties, all over Italy, priced for sale, with the additional support by AuctionEU’s experienced team.

The role of a cooperating agent is to invite clients to AuctionEU, using a form available on the website and following the procedure. If the user purchases a property on AuctionEU, the agent that invited that user will receive from AuctionEU a 2% remuneration on the sale price of each property purchased by this user, without having to support the sale, arrange the visits or intermediate between owner and buyer, just for the simple introduction.

It is important to point out that agents that cooperate with AuctionEU cannot charge a commission to the users they have introduced to AuctionEU. Agents earn their remuneration solely from AuctionEU, upon completion of the sales.

The process for becoming a cooperating agent is as follows:

  1. Register as a user on AuctionEU, completing both the obligatory and the optional information located on the right of the form.
  2. Read carefully the Agent Terms and Conditions
  3. If you wish to apply to become a cooperating agent, then on the Agent page, click on the button “Become a cooperating agent”, filling out the additional information required to agents;
  4. The AuctionEU team will respond within a few days and inform you whether your application has been accepted and will ask you to sign the Advisory Agreement and return it via registered email to:;
  5. Once you received the Advisory Agreement back by AuctionEU you are officially part of our network and you can start inviting your clients.

For additional information please read the Agent Terms and Conditions. You can learn about how the platform works by visiting the How to bid section.

Become a cooperating agent

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The information on each property published on AuctionEU is available to help the interested parties decide whether to take part in the auctions. This information is indicative and not exhaustive and is not binding for AuctionEU in any way. In case the party is interested in taking part in online bidding or in making an offer, AuctionEU will provide those parties with any additional information requested as soon as possible.