FIDENZA,PR,Piazza Repubblica 25
Property information
Property type: Office
Floor: 2
Rooms: 1
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 1
Built area, sqm: 73
Building permit year: 2008
Asset condition: Good
Parking: Available to purchase separately

In the city center, near to Fidenza railway station and the main services (schools, markets, restaurants and shops) we sell a new office located in a new building. The unit is a wide 70 sqm open space but it can be divided in different rooms. Well conditions and high-quality finishes. Possibility of a garage. Also ideal as an income investment.



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  • 573704_FIDENZA_AML Legal person
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  • 573704_FIDENZA_AML Natural person
    573704_FIDENZA_AML_Natural_person.pdf - 970 KB
  • 573704_FIDENZA_Cadastral floorplan
    573704_FIDENZA_Cadastral_floorplan.pdf - 11.8 KB
  • 573704_FIDENZA_Energy certificate
    573704_FIDENZA_Energy_certificate.pdf - 1.82 MB
  • 573704_FIDENZA_Offer letter
    573704_FIDENZA_Offer_letter.pdf - 331 KB
  • 573704_FIDENZA_Residents' regulations
    573704_FIDENZA_Residents__regulations.pdf - 1.99 MB
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